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bryan adams – tantalize lyrics


from the east-side street, kick a tin can beat
run through the jungle, a lion, a mongrel like you.
such an easy mark for a hungry shark
lost in the haze of the big city maze and it’s through

tantalize you, mesmerize you
trick you with a smile
capture with the style
a touch of magic sure to make you sigh

can you still be a sail with this ball and chain
run through the jungle, a lecher, a scoundrel, it’s you
keep yourself wide-eyed or they’ll bleed you dry
runnin’ thru shadows of streets broad and narrow with you

tantalize you, mesmerize you
start to lose control
the city takes it’s toll
beaten once, twice, shy, beware the law

do you see (do you see)
at nights (at nights)
do you see (do you see)
at nights (at nights)

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