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buck zero the lucid dreamer – astral planes lyrics


[intro x2]
keep it cool; lounge around
these are the sounds of the underground

i got the keys to success: never stress
only manifest; beating on my chest
bringing thunder to the rest, dawg i’m feeling underdressed
cuz i bare my naked soul, theres no reason to impress
misguided minds; i tell them all the time
i been here for a minute, open chakras in my spine
kundalini; i’m houdini, escaping commotion
dissapearing, you can’t see me; i’m faded from potion
i’m a god in every sense, they hate on the notion
displaying emotion, i stay in the ocean
understand the language, i’m speaking in tongues
i kick it with monks, i be creeping with nuns
the moon is my mistress, i’m free as the sun
its already written, you see i’m the one
got nothing to lose, no reason to prove
coming live and direct like the evening news
this ain’t even the news
the revolution won’t be televised
food 4 thought for the m-sses, yo i never lied
i’m on another plane, i had to severe ties

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