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bumpy knuckles – devious minds lyrics

uh huh
bring it back baby
feel me on this…

[verse one]
i can chop a beat like funkmaster flex
challenge any mc’s style, so who’s next (uh, yeah)
i bring it ruff when i be rockin’
even in the south my flow be boone dockin’ (that’s right)
b-mpy knuckles makes the girls go crazy
roll em like cee-lo, dice with me and lazy
i got a appet-te for the mic
like a 450 pound n-gg- for chicken delight
rappers are suspect, i got styles to dissect
rappers wanna be actors, i direct (feel me)
i hate a biter laying in the cut
listen to the lyrical styles and eat em up (check this)
i did a style and tony touched 50 mcs
n-gg-s wanted to here me rock it way overseas
i said i’m so ill
deaf n-gg-s be dancin to my jams still
i spit sh-t dead n-gg-s could feel
stay in my zone to keep sh-t sellin
rappers, fake gangsters, lying to the fans – i’m tellin
you wanna know if a n-gg- is real
try to kick it with him, look him in his eyes
if he tell you that he got a peal
so you can read em like that
that n-gg-s not a dawg he’s a m-th-rf-ckin cat

[chorus: repeat 2x]
it’s the devious minds that’ll make em do these things
all you gotta do is rock and make the mics ring
don’t try to be somthin that your not my n-gg-
or you might get your fakin -ss shot my n-gg-

[verse 2]
check it out…
to the beat ya’ll i make it rock on and on
like night time being around before morn’ (check it out)
i rock on my own label just like the artist
without the high heel boots and no i’m not a loud guitarist
b-tches enjoy my flow like good s-x, then i hit
and freddie foxxx ain’t gotta buy em sh-t
n-gg-s be promisin’ (?) and givin out toasts
you can’t get a b-tch if your broke
blow you n-gg-s out like smoke
everybody wanna rhyme
is it for the love or the dimes (sh-t)
i know a n-gg- gotta eat, but at least you could keep the streets
and stop loopin up n-gg-s beats
i’m sarcastic, sh-t i might spit
but don’t mind me i’m just another mc
the only difference is i scr-p for mines
and don’t ride another n-gg-‘s lap for mines
it’s about beats and rhymes
you n-gg-s better get it together
before i bring it to you n-gg-, whatever


[verse three]
can i get digible for a minute and rock the spot
i be to rap what clip be to glock
cause imma fool like that, i flip like dominique dawes
i wouldn’t mind gettin inside dem draws
n-gg-s are fake like radio drops in hip-hop
it’s kinda like wrestling and jumpin off the top –
rope, you jesse jackson -ss n-gg-s with hope
got n-gg-s in the audience sick offa bad dope
you n-gg-s need beatminerz
so you can stop serving up layin -ss beats like the greek diner
check this, it gets exotic, chaotic
idiotic, n-gg-s bout it bout it
i got history, b
i done rocked with everybody from g rap to m.o.p.
the blast master, did ‘hot potato’ with treach
even rocked with pac… but you ain’t herd that yet
n-gg-s be screamin that they real
yeah, real b-tch, real soft, like you smooth off
i like big b-tt b-tches and hot cars
and never have ta give a b-tch a diamond
cause i’m nice with my rhymin’
thug n-gg-s in the house
sn-tch up every coward that you see and throw his f-ckin -ss out


[during final chorus]
real n-gg-z
this goes out to
my n-gg-s gang starr
my n-gg-s beatminerz
for my n-gg-s m.o.p.
check it out
whaddup kurupt mob
for underground n-gg-s


- bumpy knuckles lyrics

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