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c.c.munster – game over lyrics


[verse 1]
let’s put it all in perspective
you wanna battle me? better come in a nexus
i’ve seen you flexing and screaming for the next
to be honest, i can do all that while i’m texting
don’t make me laugh
my rhymes come clean like they’ve taken a bath
what’s beyond on a seen plate’s breaking the m-ss
i don’t wanna hear another freaking noise in this cl-ss
i’m on my no-good, joke type
put me in the spotlight
old school nas-sh-t, like ugly mane i flow right
money is no answer but i say „night“
while i drop you in the water like
(game-over sound from castlevania)
that is what you get when you mess with a nerd
i spit the worst sh-t that you’ve ever heard
left you all defect, you can see it with zoom
while i give my verse more oomph

game over, i glance all over
and make myself a clown with enough motor
non-profit till i can afford it
i will give you one more hit

[verse 2]
i mean it must feel kinda bad to get outrapped
by someone who doesn’t even have english as his first tongue
i go around like a forked song
the rappers in front of me, well i guess they are all gone
or nonexistent, where is the difference
it’s not really like i am a person of interest
this is the sound of a heavy headache
but don’t ever think that i can’t make the ground shake
worldwide means i wish i could travel
got more pits than i got gravel
i leave all your concepts badly disheveled
i told y’all no one is really on my level
but why would you wanna be there anyway
i mean, it’s a very peculiar place to stay
are all the colours you wanna see grey
if not, well, listen, hey
being that german dude finding my footing
in a whole another residence ain’t that good looking
but even if i don’t do this for you, i wanna be respected
so take that, people that think i’m lacking