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c-mob – azazel lyrics


call me the angel azazel, i’m like the cain to the abel
no time for games or the fables, watch when i aim for the navel

[verse 1: c-mob]
call me the maniac from the middle of the map i’mma crack it open
anybody got a problem, better man up, i’mma stand up till my back is broken
i’m about to stack my tokens, making music that i have to push like crack, making sure the midwest staying on the map, indiana’s what i’m talking about to be exact, you don’t want no trouble, every day it is a struggle, i’mma hustle till i bubble and i make my bread
when i see a faker i just shake my head, and after murder i premeditate to fled
you don’t wanna tangle with a homicidal angel, i will likely have you strangle, have you frozen every angle and your body will be mangled, should’ve never tried to wrangle, now you lay a mess and dangled, and you meet your doom
got a .38 that i let go boom
and a ak-47 that’ll wet your room
catch two to the dome, get flew to the known, so hungry that i might chew to the bone, i’m new to the throne, cause i been unchained and untamed and you’re about to burn in flames, don’t wanna hand it to me i’mma earn my fame, you punk mothaf***as better learn my name


[verse 2]
see now my brains been unstable, ever since i came from the cradle, try to maintain, better slang thangs, have a man bane, that’ll bring pain to the table
ever since i was a little boy, everybody said that i would grow to be a h-ll of a heathen
half angel, half devilish demon, with the element to be benevolent leaving
gotta keep my head above the water, but it seems like every time i take a breath of water the water gets a little deeper
ledge i’m on gets a little bit steeper
everyday i’m one step closer to the reaper
but i maintain enough of the bulls**t
never listen to a hypocrite on the pulpit
try to stay calm and remain on the cool tip, but everyone that anger me i act on a full clip
this life is troubling, i’m still struggling, gotta work harder never had s**t
when my nock is doubling, pockets bubbling, maybe i’ll get out of this madness
see those who know me call me chris
but you can address by c-mob or you can call me this