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c-note(yi$mb) – like me lyrics


[chorus: c-note]
i know you ain’t used to dealing with a n-gg- like me
i know you ain’t never had feelings for a n-gg- like me
shit must feel different
can’t another n-gg- hold my position
became more than just a n-gg- on your hitlist
now i’m on your wish list, ain’t no competition yeah

[verse: c-note]
i know i’m way ahead of them n-gg-s that swerved out your lane(swerve, swerve)
number one controller cause baby girl know i got game (i do)
no i’m not shy but i come from the chi so baby let’s go(go go)
i know you want to get them riches so baby girl lets hit the road(swerve)
first place, i got the crown, must be why they want to run up(run up)
flyest n-gg- around, you’d think im the numba one stunna
just be by my side while i’m down, i guarantee we gonna come up(come up)
i know you digging my style, you know i keep it one hunna
you love the kid, i’m the goat
got more drip than a boat
you know that i got the wave and they can’t keep afloat
keep it wetter than an ocean, you know a n-gg- got the flow
michael phelps in the pussy, you say you in love with the stroke
no one can do it like me
because i just do it, nike
i got the juice like hi-c
it’s been running through me like an iv
been that n-gg- since day one
stayed the same i never changed up
got the sauce, yeah i’m a1
i guess the competition never came up