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c.stirgus – don’t (remix) lyrics


don’t do it to him girl no
wait don’t
no, he wasn’t ready, ay
i need a trap queen
wait, no that’s fetty, ay
that’s my best friend, that’s my best friend, you go best friend, ay

[verse 1]
look, okay i get on these tracks and i’m sounding like drizzy
these n-gg-s they gettin on tracks when i listen man they make me dizzy
i’m spittin this fire and they do not feel me
i’m goin all in tell the dealer to deal me
you say you don’t like me like that’s gonna k!ll me
if you say i’m fake well then what is the real me
f-ck your instagram and all of those likes cuz
honestly i think it’s k!llin your pride plus
we both know you ain’t livin that life, uh
now i got you stuck live you fittin the knife
oh, please let me be cuz i need my alone time
don’t f-ck with me whenever i’m in my zone
i’m- k!llin this shit, your friend buddy down made me know you feelin this shit
oh, no time for bullshit cuz i’m on the clock
i hustle hard cuz the grind never stop
i’m savin my money so i rarely shop
i feel like a virgin that’s ready to pop
oh no, but they ain’t ready for me
apple on your head that’s my target keep it steady for me
my bro, my n-gg-, yeah he chasin them figures
just keep it one hunnit it’s nothin
and i just say ay, just keep it eddy for me
yo, just keep it simple
she say that i’m rough ok then i’ll be gentle
f-ck yo opinions and what’s on your mental
don’t care what you say, no not even a little
and these n-gg-s think they scarin sombody
i only fear one man and that man is ougally
i k!ll beats i k!ll you n-gg-s but you n-gg-s is my hobby
don’t trust many but myself, yeah cuz he know he got me
so hot godd-mn with a tamale
wait, i think i ran out
look, i’m a fire you can’t fan out
makin moves man i think it’s time i plan out
imma hot boy, tell wayne come and sign me
i, stay low even dora couldn’t find me
i don’t play about my loaf, that’s bread don’t try me
leave you dead two in the head and then one up in your body, ah
i’m so sick with it
they throwin shots but i catch em, yeah i pick with it
wait, but you ain’t catch that
you standin too close n-gg- you gone have to step back
don’t raise your tone with bein casual so you gone have to check that
need everything perfect, got no time for a setback
w’s up west side till i die
scared of hights but i’m feelin kinda fly
can’t just leave, first you gotta tell me bye
don’t tell me with your words, no tell me wth your thighs
oh no, don’t do it to him girl no


you better, you better, you better, you better, ay
don’t do it to him
no, don’t do it to him girl, no, no
don’t do it him girl no
wait, he wasn’t ready, ay