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c. venus – eat it now! lyrics


double dutch, roll up, the trap is back jumpin
shaving a onion, serving a dumpling
color the hairs like the skin of a pumpkin
she was with him but later she dumped him
i got the bag and i walk like a boss
south georgia boy and i talk with the sauce
cut out the fluoride and rock with the floss
moving a pack, a hand off with a toss
crossing the road and i’m hardly alone
i’m ratchet, i’m like steve harvey at home
my higher self providing help, he taught me this song
fresh f-ck with cv, he bought me a drone
the hood done reclaimed it but we get it back
we get a phone call and we get a stack
cook a lil slab and i feed ya the rack
not the return but the siege of the mack
cause we get it shaking and seizure the pack
buss down bales like a farmer
in the war so we gotta wear armor
living long and i got good karma
i read the the script of the annunaki
i got the glow of the ayatollah
no diabetes, not buying cola
you traded lebron and you buying scola
people come up and then hustle backwards
chief with a leaf, i don’t rustle backwoods
i place a order for inventory
you switching plots and you bend the story
the folks in my nation need motivation
tune to the frequency, know the station
i’m taking trips and be outta body
the secrets of crip is: i’m not a body
speaking in silence a strange language
people don’t know bout that gang language
hydrokinesis, i blame moses
i see you be sleep to that gang gnosis

i think i’ll eat it now. (x6)

i eat the beat like a homeless vegan
chief with the priest and his oldest deacon
slizzard and spilling this grape juice
rise of the flytrap that straight juice
handle the flow like i’m chris paul
feel like a giant, i’m this tall
i’m in communion with this wall
if i walked through, you’d be pissed off
how did he do that shit? ancient secrets
you ain’t in the gang so it ain’t ya secrets
i brought the weed to the city riot
worst thing you could have is a shitty diet
i got the juice like a pomegranate
my body look like i was from atlantis
what’s basic bout me? just my ph
schmoking a spliff with a ch
thinkin bout scaling the arctic wall
cv want off this retarded ball
lyrical miracle, all natural satirical
first thing they taught ya: the earth is spherical
you better open ya f-cking eye
mined the grand canyon, it’s bout the rocks
view the terrain like a mountain fox
unlimited mind cause it’s out the box
i’m bouta increase the alkalinity
link up with vo beyond infinity
watch how i redo the whole identity
weed weed weed: the holy trinity