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c-zar (gmc) – frat house lyrics


[verse 1: czar]
yo, watch yo back b-tch cause
when you grow up how i do
motivation ain’t an issue
now when you grow up like i do
you always wanna bang them pistols
i k!ll or be k!lled that’s just how it is
that’s probably daddy’s thoughts right before he ran off on his kids
never had a role model baby guess what i did
i drop them gonads that early just so i can handle my biz
and i never had it easy always had to go and get it
like these fashion -ss n-gg-s always tryna say they fitted
always hearing it down but they never really with it
only listen to my sk!lls guess you could call it a snippet
cuz i f-ckin’ flippin’ man i’m always moving weight
to leave you to function with us and don’t hesitate
sorry it’s just the mothaf-kin’ g-r-u-v and if you leave yo girl around we’ll have a twisted off the u.v
so go ahead and we gon’ sip some more bottles
you can tell if i f-ck just by the way that she waddles
got her cookin’ some waffles with some price up in this place
me and my n-gg-s will have it turn into a f-ckin’ gruv estate
saying welcome welcome we got just what you need
but everything cost somethin’ nothin’ comes free
uh, it’s just the g-r-u-v
it’s just the, it’s just the g-r-u-v

[verse 2: lil t]
it’s me and d-webb bout to spaz out
pullin’ straight flexin with the racks out
n-body catchin’ cases bout to smack out
gruv team in a camaro straight blacked out
i’m mixed up f-ck n-gg-s quit sleepin’
pullin’ up to the scene straight st–zin’
off the dome first dollar straight reekin’
my ol’ b-tch see me flexin’ now she creepin’
got some shooters won’t miss like a free throw
free rich, free nick them my migos
new b-tches, new st–z, n-gg- same bros
took his hoe introduce her to the bang bros
n-body gave me sh-t boy i’m self made
i bet you she drop them panties if you well paid
you better watch your hoe she on my check list
might tell her come through and watch some netflix

[verse 3: jay walk]
bet you didn’t know there was a third n-gg-
young n-gg- had to hop up on the verse n-gg-
all my n-gg-s shooters larry bird n-gg-
awps on the corner don’t get murk with em
smokin’ on that pack and keep my head up
you worried about the b-tches get yo bread up
i’m goin’ in i can’t even let up
hollows in the semi get you lit up
n-gg-s sneak dissin’ man i’m fed up
i’m thinking about the top i’m tryna’ get up
we still some young n-gg-s so don’t sweat us
gettin’ to the green ain’t no lettuce