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cady groves – the life of a pirate lyrics


“the life of a pirate”

it’s not easy to be this complicated
cause i lose my way, i change my mind
and i’m more recently jaded
or i’ll be indecisive, and always end up choosing
the wrong thing
but i can guarantee you’ll never hear me say
that all i want’s a home, a family, a porch swing

cause i wanna be a pirate,
that’s one thing i’ve decided
it’s the only thing that could ever intrigue me
there’s no start or end in sight and
i guess i’ll have to try it
worse case-i’ll get swallowed by the deep blue sea
there’s no more tryin to fight it
the pain i’ll leave behind me
the sweet imperfections of a hot mess of a girl

and i believe in miracles
but there’s no way that i’ll
ever fit in
to the modern way of livin,
its just not me
work a, 9 to 5, live in complacency
but i gave it my all, i tried-really i swear
for a girl on her own
but after over–n-lyzin everything there is here
it’s time, for my ship, and fresh air


and if i know me, like i think i know me
i’ll try to bargain with myself
i’ll tell myself it’s really not that bad
and i’ll try to stick it out
a little longer in society never killed no one

but i can tell you, it’s a guarantee that i’ll
always run
away from every problem or severed relationship
cause that’s who i am
i wanna be a pirate cause they get to be
whoever they want on the deep blue sea
here i come