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caine casket – bil·lows ☁ lyrics


[produced by d.sander x raava]

[verse 1]
holes in the words you could see through
a couple young n-gg-s & the lease due
inner city kinds we could speak to
you can feel it in ya heart when i sweep through
is that my piece? is that my solace & my energy?
is those my n-gg-s & this hennessy?
darker times what we drink to
see the lines that we sink through
water, be water, what’s in your veins?
who you know to bring this rain?
if the sky falls, looking like you need these wings
fried feathers, where your halo hangs
you said you just need this high
but really you needed change….
out of pocket you can see these fangs
to the coffin you gone know my name…… caine

*you are*
like no…
body [x5]
like no…
body [x2]

your time is we wanted, your mind i can see from it [x2]
your time is we wanted , you know what i need from it…

[verse 2]
on the outside, where the doubt died
could you not see this star?
orion couldn’t leave this car
belt getting heavy huh?
self in the nebulas, worse than the aliens
or worst the birth, did that take the time from your patience?
relate to faces, i’m craving….
don’t get this twisted, i’m seeking “you” in a sense
in the clouds long, wait i’m drownin’, fade away innocence
then who ride the nimbus then?
words for the youth, i can see that you in the net
i been drifting in the skies a bit , i been flying falling in the mix
i was lost & then i found my wings
you are like no body then….
in the clouds of the infinite, who allowed to be heaven sent
who allowed to be relevant, skin of mine we on cnn
coloreds dying, another box of them
n-gg-’s wiling, who is guarding them
see them flying where the bodies swim
you are like no body then….

*you are*