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cairo – you are the one lyrics


i could blame it on the mist

that drifted through my mind
or the bleakness of so many winter nights
i could tell a tale of heartache
from the wishes not come true
but would it stand the test of time

as i wander down the lonely road i call my life
the darkness sometimes takes away the sun
but i see the eyes that light my way
feel the arms that hold me
you are the one

if i told you i was sorry
for any tear i’ve made you cry
could the words erase it from your mind
would you let me give it to you
if the gift was mine to give
would you take from me the sun, the moon, the sky

as i stumble through the battlefield i call my mind
i never seem to know if i have won
but then i see a light that calls to me
feel your love surround me
you are the one