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caldo hits – please lyrics


these n-gg-s don’t rap instead they’re -n-lysts
criticizing my hard work you f-ggot kid

you dyed your hair now you think that you are wiz khalifa
put down the reefer you sounding bitter and have it all
i could sing all day and k!ll you with the softest tone

don’t need attention from rap n-gg-s that been making trash
ain’t competition for caldo he left you all on earth

she think she fine i’ve been with 9s and hit the 10s
i know some women that shoot a line with nice behinds
so, what’s the plan?
you’re flexing me, i ain’t heartbroken

i’m outspoken on this one, south side, the younger yeezy
now you think you’re something just cause you’re on television?
girl, you’re nothing to a n-gg- who ain’t got no feelings
seen some women acting up i hate you stupid witches

i’ve been yelling out girl please, oh, no
girl, you’re wack please get of my d, oh, no
i’ve been chilling i ain’t talking, see, oh, no
she want me living down on my knees, oh, no

[verse 2]
i tend to say some funny things but that i don’t mean i take a loss
pretty girls are nothing if fascinated i give sauce
used to be a lover now i care about getting the most

people playing with me, you slept long enough, i wake you logs
uh, these n-gg-s weak, they’re so repetitive

redundant effort, you gave us the same, n-gg-, ain’t nothing new
you fabricated ain’t gangster at all you know this the truth
girl, you’re really pretty but it’s stupid you acting a sn-b

i ain’t never wanted love just want to bone and bury that
girl, you been around at this rate, i compare you to air
anyone can get it long as money, car, then i can get
it’s basic chasing women but the truth, girl, my d-ck isn’t free