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caleb carnell – god damn lyrics


(yeah) x2

(said the devils comin’ for ya)

(f-cked up)


im waitin’ on my death i’m sure that it’ll happen soon
feel a lot of pressure and tension when i walk in the room
so i fall asleep before the clock hits the afternoon
wake up get some cereal and the cartoons

i said i’m banished from this planet
but i’ma f-cking god and these n-gg-s can’t stand it
i’m raising all the steaks while i’m taking all their plates and these n-gg-s wanna k!ll me too late
(god dammit!)

used to idolize these n-gg-s till i reached my f-cking goals
used to just rap now i’m designing some clothes
the “cabin kidz” are back ya b-tch
bugs in all you’re mattresses
go stupid like patrick is
karate like it’s sandy kid

underneath the blankets tryin’ to make some f-cking payments
they say hip hop maybe dying but i ain’t trying to f-cking save it
tried to be normal but i realized the moral
so i’ll stick to white tees and swim shorts that are floral

may not look it but my minds like jimmy newtron’s
never buying baja blast without a f-cking coupon
taking out the trash, got a suitcase full of cash
plus i got two body guards that’ll save my f-cking -ss

so what the f-ck you talkin’ bout
y’all run away when i pull that dog head out
wearing golf socks out the odd future box
and i’ll hit you with the door if you say this shit knocks

so what’s the f-cking meaning
put on swim shorts just to plash them in the deep end
still recording in the basement j knows the biz
straight edge no smoking
the cabin kidz

(the devils coming for ya) x2

(get rid of that paranoia)

(the devils coming for ya)

(yeah) x3

– caleb c. hope