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caleb garcia – picasso lyrics


[verse 1: caleb garcia]
sickness and affliction
wanting pain more than addiction
put yourself in my position
n-body ever listen
said i was on a mission
paper dreams already failed
all the dollars have been nailed
to the trees from which they hailed
had a dollar and a dream but that dream was all in loose change
i had to wait in the cold i was just waiting for you to change
lookin for something, that would never come
claiming he had goals but the work was never done
so what was left was a blank canvas
said it was crafted on kansas
by a slave who by himself didn’t know where his dad is
a family he would never have it
wondering if he was an addict
they told him about god, by god’s presence to him was absent
when there is no meaning behind it
people still try to find it
take the wpds as the map and looking for treasure they mined it
thinks lyrics are metaphorical
really they are just horrible
claiming that he the greatest but really he ain’t historical (nah)

[verse 2: caleb garcia]
only one that i could do
eating free shavacado
i’m a catch a body to
cause you know i’m that typa dude
these beats that i be writing to
i k!ll em like i fight em to
i’m only used to writin but you never know what i might do
the body is a temple in the kitchen one table
the mind that i live in everything is unstable
victims claiming the villain was once a hero
keep it a hundred, take out the one and keep all the zeros
a little boy crying ’bout his father who had left him
he never seen him, he never met him
little did he know that years later he’d do the same
is like the circle of life, less of a circle more of chain
claiming they want a change
cling on doing the same
guess the pain is planning to stay
so i do not know what to say
so i won’t say nothing(that’s pic-sso)