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caleborate – august 28th lyrics


[verse 1 – caleborate]

-clears throat-
uh uh uh uh uh
sitting on the couch imagining it’s a plane
ready for my life to change i ain’t saying it’s a game
swear to god
my nigga’s on my side and the pressure of knowing whether or not they gon survive is insane
in my brain, life like running on the millions
sallie mae keep calling like i want to know her feelings
thinking back to the times i was 17
writing in my room couldn’t wait to be a king coming soon
in the booth like my tomb reincarnated let the beat come alive tell ben to let it ride
like my bike on the side of the road when they p-ss me
metaphor for life i ain’t as fast but i can be
just gotta go hard and let my flow be the water to the dirt that they throw up on my name that i’m going to grow from that bullshit
23 and ain’t finished school yet
watched all my peers p-ss me up cause i do this
but never will i settle in and quit giving this medicine
i owe it to my pops he made me to be a better him
put in so much work i’m like a certified veteran
name another nigga my age i ain’t better than
but still gotta preach to my mom each year like
don’t worry i’ll be on i’m coming up around here
i got a song with g-eazy off the strength i didn’t pay for it
no one tapped me in i worked hard every day for it
back when i was staying with kim then had to move out
and daddy had to call the county jail sell his new house
i would of given everything and even sold my soul for a little bit of fame and somewhere to call home
instead of waking up at 4am and catching the bus
and nigga’s got the nerve to say i made it off of some luck
nigga please
i was working double-overtime up at levi’s
then go to school and catch the bus 3 times
eating micky-d’s, daily double with my free time
monopoly be the only game i play for the free fries
wonder what it’s gonna take for nigga’s here to realize
just cause i ain’t grow up with you don’t mean you need to despise
my every move
know you want your homie on that pedestal
but he is not me and quite frankly i am very cool
told nick i’m finished with the alb-m
but i’m still writing records, i got something on my chest i need to say to you
sometime i see my life and it hurt
so many friends i could of had instead of doing this work
so many women i could of dated and made it for real
kissing in the kitchen and cuddling instead of chasing this meal
i guess i put it on myself to bring my whole family wealth
but i’m driven and i know that god is taking the wheel
nick the only reason that i haven’t taken a deal
he said i’m worth 10 times what ever offer they spill
and i ain’t even going to trip, i know you hating it still
the bald head, [?] kid keeping it real
and everybody seem to love him, they can’t put no one above him even though he not auto-tuned and banging a [?]
it’s cause i’m from a generation where they made us with sk!ll
and i can speak my f-cking mind without taking a pill
so the next time you look my way with ice in your grill
just know i keep shining on you niggas, f-ck how you feel
i came a long f-cking way when i moved to the bay
one bag, no money and a couch where i lay
no hoes, no friends, no inside track
i gave respect to everybody so i need that shit back
i just want to live my life and be the best i can be
don’t know why it seem like it so hard for ya’ll to see
i got one question in my head it don’t flee like “why g nigga, why ya’ll nigga’s always hating on me”
august 28th
august 28th
august 28th that’s it right there
august 28th yeah
august 28th nigga
august 28th
august 28th

[outro / skit]
nigga this shit is fire!
i finna text this to myself, this shit is fire
alright i got this [?] gimme
i’ll link up with you after i’m done
alright for sure, for sure