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calenraps – losing a loved one lyrics


it’s crazy it’s been five years since you left us
i still wake up and think about you at breakfast
i miss that smile that you had it was infectious
i know you still with me my angles are my protectors
i really wish you didn’t have to go and take ya life
i really wish you found another way to make it right
i got the news and i’m like
nah dog he ain’t the type he’s way stronger than that
he would’ve stayed to fight, but i ain’t know about your
demons and sh-t that’s why i hurt just lookin’ back you were screamin’ and sh-t and ain’t n-body come to rescue you
you let the devil get the best of you
you gotta ace sh-t when he testin’ you but i’m gon’ carry on your legacy and focus on that silver lining you could never see
bro you should be in the league
n-body had a better three the moment that you let it go was
the moment that you let it be and i still don’t get it
but i learn from it that’s why i always h-t my brothers like let’s
burn somethin’
cos’ i don’t know when we gon’ go and death is so unexpected
but i’ll always be yo’ bro you’ll never feel unaccepted
if you ever feel too distant then just call me and for the times
i acted different yo i’m sorry