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calenraps – the storm is over lyrics


it feels so good to think about
shit that used to make me depressed (yeah)
when i can finally smile about it
and no longer feel that pain in my chest
my momma said don’t change baby
plz don’t change
but, she should be ashamed if i’m the same as i left
momma i been on the road
momma i been hitting goals
momma imma go gold with one chain on my neck
and i just moved to california
in the city of the angels momma
lemme tell u bout this lil angel i met
she so mothafuckin perfect
always tryna make it work
happy with me no matter how angry i get
but i knew that i would lose her
cus i always would abuse her
it was never with my hands just with the things that i said
i know sometimes i act like there ain’t a brain in my head
and my raps can sound like i’m just complaining instead (yeah)
but the niggas like “break a leg”
was the niggas breaking my legs
so at this point i can’t trust nothing except my led
and if i ever see the day that my plug don’t accept my bread
that’s the day that i’m prolly gon end up dead (yeah)
afraid to die but i been living in fear
some days i cry until i’m drenched in my tears
it makes me feel better
a broken heart is like having a broken bone
just leave it alone
and don’t apply pressure so it can heal better
they see my girl like
“how’d that nigga with no deal get her?”
she’d never feel u she too familiar with real niggas
if u ain’t never provided u just a bill splitter
and i don’t work with no writers yo i’m a real spitta
you don’t feel it
fuck how u feel nigga (yeah)
that’s just how i feel nigga
won’t let my head get too big
it just got lil bigger
cus at some point to keep living u gotta k!ll niggas
my shit hot like i’m paper fresh out the bill printer
i make it look like the lakers how i rebuild nigga
they’d always laugh when they saw i was outta gas
okay i just refueled nigga
held ’em accountable, never held on to grudges
renting space in my mind goes far beyond any budget
i got creative control and i fuckin love it
can’t nobody tell me nothing nigga