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cali agents – f**k what you heard lyrics


(ok mr. backpack, in 5…4…3…2…)
good evening, wally backpack here for station 0-hip-hop-hater-news-w4d-deuce
in todays news, keida brewer aka rasco and jason green aka planet asia, collectively known as the cali agents, have been said to be leaving the underground scene for more commercial tactics
we took our camera crew down to their oakland studio to see if the rumors were true and this is what went down

[verse 1: planet asia]
we be rocking raps on tracks
copy back like gats i’m off safety
running, gunning you down, it’s cali agent number two
turn off the lights and meet your world cl-ss wrecking crew
poetical professionals be standing right next to you
straight up and down, all you cats can kiss my -ss
’cause this is how you get cash
giving n-gg-s whiplash as i flip past
another nasty -ss verse on the joint
it’s planet asia once again, f-ck all that wack sh-t
from the raps i spit, fat sh-t
in the zone, this that sh-t that make my n-gg-s do backflips
the level that we taking this rap sh-t
to heights never mastered before
and ain’t no breaking my score
so recognize the official
after i leave my initials, i got issues
and it’s about time i issue
-ss beatings and bl–dy tissue
with a sharp instinct to in sync
on ninety percent of emcees that don’t think
that i can hold it down
nah f-ck that, i holds it down
control the sound bombing emcee’s like colin powell
the golden child, fowl on the prowl
like jack the ripper murdering emcee’s late night with stolen styles
straight up, you f-ggots ain’t nothing to be afraid of
y’all cowards don’t wanna battle ’cause you’re scared to get ate up
straight up flows is what the play back shows
i’m on seasonal, two inch will [?]
it really doesn’t make a difference as long as the sh-t is cranking and fresh
i’m on the mic until my breath starts stanking
and that’s my word
emcee’s just get served
every time we touch a nerve
n-gg-, f-ck what ya heard

[hook: planet asia]
f-ck what ya heard
f-ck what ya heard
that’s my word
emcee’s just get served
every time we touch a nerve
n-gg-, f-ck what ya heard
f-ck what ya heard
f-ck what ya heard
and that’s my word
emcee’s just get served
every time we touch a nerve
n-gg-, f-ck what ya heard

[verse 2: rasco]
i come back making the dough rise in the bread
and bust back whenever cats rush my spread
i spits lead like hot guns for the funds
be up at the plate looking to score more runs
it’s me and my man, the bleedy eyes on blast
and who was the fools that put these n-gg-s on last?
you cats knew they couldn’t touch my crew
screaming they large and only standing five two
talking about you got clouts and the fans
running your op without bonafide plans
see ras and asia effect all emcees
and this is the sh-t you n-gg-s call lp’s
nothing but weak sh-t, your screws ain’t tight
you fools can challenge us and lose that fight
nothing but tight shows begin into the flows
get ready to saddle up with major league pros
let it be known we get it on with the best
ain’t even a need to try to deal with the rest
right at the vest i blast top notch heat
these internet heads ain’t never been to the streets
do what i do and then speak your mind
you f-cking with us at like the wrong d-mn time
you upset because these rhymes come straight
your run on the scene was like a whole year late
straight to the tape i skate sharp and precise
i don’t wanna brag but this sh-t sounds nice
i flip the bird and give the last word
you cats can get served
n-gg-, f-ck what you heard

well, well, well gentlemen. that’s great and all but i have a few questions for you
what about the backpackers?
what about unground tapes?
what about the fans that come to your shows and just stare at you?
what about skateboards and top ramen?
i mean, aren’t we losing our values here?
aren’t you forgetting about where you come from?
i mean it’s like your selling out
i mean look at you, you have new clothes
you have chains, medallions
you know what? i bet you even have money
(f-ck this herb)