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calvin johnson – palriga lyrics


perfectly blended nasty and nice
when you closed shop that night i gave in without a fight
i already had too many that week
unprepared to do battle on so little sleep

i don’t care about your other little boys or girls
snail trail across this town that’s your choice and you will
don’t believe you want this to end
some things seem so natural by your side
like exploring haunted houses and laying out at night
staring at the branches and the backlit sky
that moment was complete
nothing unfulfilled about it

other times, blank slate
slate vain with promise, antic-p-tion
confusion, desire
desire, confusion
since before the beginning
always start when i hear your name

“grr,” means, “let’s purr”
it was an awful lot of fun and you seem to concur
tracing a summer diary
full of similar scratches
only deeper, is a proper way to say

girl playing pear-shaped, a ruthless carpet beggar
i’ll hope for the former and pray for the latter
a man to kiss and hug would bore you to death
so please take back all those kind things you said
hopeless romantic means naked ambition
and sparks fly frantic and naked stays hidden

such a cold dismissal
like letting out the cat, blowing on a thistle
you did me a favor by cutting me off
i did myself the embarr-ssment of showing how soft i can be
a total cave-in
a total cave-in

your curiosity
finally stared me down

watching you dissect the other side
is an endless source of amusement and pride
you carved your initials on their learning tree
and bored a hole through the arrogant heart of their breed
so many layers covering up what’s deep inside
doesn’t keep it hidden from my sight
you’re afraid i’ll see there’s nothing there
but there is
there is

when you conquer that fear
it’s gonna be tremendous

so, flowers for a self-made superstar
don’t wait, go and buy yourself a really good cigar
you already have something better than fame
an inner-strength that’s growing every day
growing every day

thanks for the bread, salt, and kindness
if i hit another dead nerve i’ll call your highness
when you read this letter aloud
be careful to emphasize the rusty tune horn half
beg bittersweet taste of my crown
when it’s been tossed around
when it’s been used as a testing ground

a girl, a plan, a c-n-l
a girl, a plan, a c-n-l
a girl, a plan, a c-n-l

palriga tramples through the loneliest of towns
the isolation is tremendous

you be the girl
and you always will