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cameron butler – masquerades lyrics


walk proud, don’t talk so loud
pouring pounds of my core to score the sound
underhandedly equipped the torch
the brother channel his script from an encrypted source

never slipped from the course, these vans got good grip
my reverence hits a chord with thieves, to hands it should stick
the red and blue k!ll the black to defend the white
we’re dead the mood is to attack until the endings right

rely on hope only and you’ll stay stagnant
no reply to jokers phonies, move low and take action
a dude who truly grew up on a swamp land
remove buffoons and brew plans to live on posh sands

plot grands in the future from the pain
can’t stand blandness, fools neutered moving to change
the world ain’t cold, it’s the inhabitants
watch karma’s whirlwind unfold and shatter bliss
my unsung hymns contain experience
dummies run quick when the shit is get serious
simple gimps dip, the champs remain sane
planted in my mainframe is d-mn the blame game

dodging the crosshairs of a haters intentions
these modern warfare players is pretenders
talk a lot of smack knowing well that they could catch a fade
you wack if you bash under the cover of masquerades

badu what i rock to, not pop tunes
my squad rules, nurturing the crops with monsoons
industry plant with sinister plans
equipping chances to advance
ya dance is finishing man

wasted ya 15, now my 16s unruly
it’s no fun if there’s no movement of funds stupid
more afraid success than the contrary
losing my crew’s bond to me is beyond scary