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cameron is sad – painalwaysends lyrics


pull up skrt and then i dash
i can never die cause my new whip too fast too crash
i make b-tches mad but these b-tches they make sad
im tired of feelin down so im poppin another xan
i just
did it all on my own b-tch
said i was broke now im flexin on old b-tch

i can’t see nobody through my cartier lenz
nobody can see me in my new mercedez benz
i dont want no friends, i be settin every trend
spend it all on hoes then i spend it all again

vlone all over my body
like im so fucking saucy b-tch my style you try to copy
jewelery from abu dabhi, i been leanin off an oxy
i walk into the party and we sippin on bacardi b-tch