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cameron j – can’t wait to be king lyrics


come at this soon to be legend at your own discretion
my verbal weapon will send you steppin to heaven like led zeppelin’s stairway
i’m over your head
no i don’t get air play
but i play in the air everyday
so all praise is due to he of the most high
he being me
bob marley hasn’t seen my heights
i look at these n-gg-s from the position of a bird’s eye
and i must apologize for global warming, i spit too much heat
but take this fore warning, i will not cease
until i’m looking down on every rapper i look up to in other words a paradox
i won’t stop till n-gg-s are sayin i’m doper than a pair of docs, l and 2 pacs
you’re a good rapper when placed alone in a box, so please allow me to put you inside of your coffin
the land of my salivary glands is the home of a spider-man villain of which no one has an antidote
ain’t it dope the way the flow cause the words to float off the page, p-ssed your membrane and rearrange the the structure of your mainframe
step to me, n-gg- you must be scatterbrained
your sk!lls are elementary compared to me
if you kids wanna box lyrically you’ll get a sandy hook
this prodigy is cause havoc, i’m leaving n-gg-s shook
it amazes me how some n-gg-s in the game should’ve had 15 minutes of fame but are now on the fourth night
when their bars are fortnight
none of these rappers can stand up to me
cause my rhyme patterns shatters spines into nine factors
the rapper on top of the globe is bout to get knocked out cold
got the game in a figure 4 hold
my sk!lls’ locked in a figure 8 you figure it out
if i don’t spit rap goes into drought
hip hop heads go into doubt
i’m the best n-gg- out with no buzz
light years ahead of y’all you would’ve thought i was from zurtron
when scouting competition i’ll just turn this tape one
your sk!lls are minimal
the pinnacle of lyrical principles are my syllables n-gg- reach me
all i do is eat sleep conquer and repeat i’m a beast
but ain’t no beauty in it when you climbing to the top of the charts
and i’m coming with that linguistic banana clip to stop your march
boy this this ape real
reeling in a bar that a white supremacist can feel
a white supremacist he is cause he feels white supremacy
cause when he writes his premise and grips a mic wights on the premises is all you see
and that’s what i like to see
love actually
i ship it
face it four words and you bow to his soon to be majesty
so you wanna spar with a spartan
hoping the bars will be sparking your market as an artist
your music doesn’t have any boom that’s why it don’t sell
n-gg-s must have had a screw loose to make your music propel
we’re all in the same boat and i don’t think you understand the scope of the moat of which we float
i don’t want you to be the m-sses’ last hope so with these bars i throw jails
but i don’t want you to stay so i throw bails
the sheer number of double entendres on deck
double entendres on deck
that none of you get
and that’s why i’m in the high five alive
and i strive to maintain my position
that’s why my hands rise and get to clapping at the opposition
i’m king i’m elite
crown me or lyrically you all will get capped
better brace yourself these root c-n-ls are right for my strap
question my wisdom then i’ll just get my canines to match