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cammfoxboy – ice rink lyrics


skating on this ice rink
n0body im inviting
all alone yes me likey
its cold cold my skin icy
and you know i do not wear a white
keep it colorful so enticing
she a bad b+tch like poison ivy
innadverdently popping up in my dreams
b+tch im mr. freeze, got a cold heart
can’t get off of me, because i go hard
i got drip just like some pee, so imma pose yah
n+ggas laughing please, say h+llo to my 0 f+cks
more sticks than a bus
she bad like a villain i go say wassup
you know that i hit it im wit it what luck
she l!cking and l!cking the ice of the cone
dripping and dripping my sh+t overflow
im feeling like neo cuz b+tch im the one
i dont got a ego its call a competetive spirit i won
running this sh+t like a plantation
waiting and skating all up on this ice
i scratch the ice with the shoes and its nice
and im dashing and dashing and crashing
till i bust my ass in laughing and laughing and lauging
like b+tch we lit aye