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camp lo – rockin’ it aka spanish harlem lyrics


now all the divas on the left you keep on (rockin’ it)
and all the fellas on the right you keep on(rockin’ it)
and all my peoples in the back you keep on(rockin’ it)
and all the peoples in the front you keep on(rockin’ it)

[geechie suede]
nina, listen
uno poppi chulo 69 position and switchin’
welcome to belavour just what you been missin’ i’m gettin’
caught up in this ?
on the riviera with ? made of satin
on me be for kuna
under the noona and palmetto on the slysaretto
speakin’ bonticetti was wichetto
we be doin’ it ever way you could imagine
now it’s up to the cheeba to make it mo’ betta as we flo

[sonny cheeba]
and foxy bonita, cha cha cha sonny cheeba
excella mardi gras and we funky valentine
i’m s-x-posed to your voodoo see you peek-a-boo
love american style
what, my how do you mix
what, fix a hopscotch or b-tt-ox she diggy
what, interlude aculpoco you bad don’t hurt n-body
what, 3 miles out from the coast of satin city
sonny cheeba from the bx connects dig it

chorus x2

[geechie suede]
she said that i can call her genie bought me a martini
some compliments of my paraphenalia from australia
i ain’t no playa so don’t you get it confused
i’m the sway-ful-lay, that’s the chico man, that’s the cherry fools
the n-e -ss and fabu got hawaiian bless
spillin mazzola between the cracks of my villanova
them sober days ain’t even seen up in my inner vision
the strizzy days of hollywood raises my style of livin’

[sonny cheeba]
lost esmerado solero
searchin’ every season for the s-xy senorita
take my aphrodisiac and wing it back on sunset
some said
so to rise and full of bronx who said uh
hater made the cats a-cough it out without no shootout
jive-time sucka for africa from like moses
straight up

chorus x1

[sonny cheeba]
da da da day
da da da da da da day
what, yes her name cheeba
what, rocks to the beat
what, now you say cheeba, if i say some she say cheeba
dunny boleega cheeba
ain’t no naptan blue
cheeba twist up the ganja, anethesia
now you say the lower
who rang lower
right on time
midnight magic, lower
max julian, lower
who you dig, lower
diamond city bombers

[geechie suede]
so, la la la la
la la la la la la
it’s the emerald suede gleamin’ with the diamond cheeba
we blowin’ morado
weezin’ the lightnin’ through hollow dimensions
my broke collisions stay reflectin’ off bottles of jensen
the unforbidden cashmere caught tech ca-nipsin’
correct suspension for this ride to hollywood

chorus x2