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camp mulla – 254low cypher, vol. 2: 82/92 lyrics


(dj crème!)

[verse 1: taio tripper]
tripper, tripper, ay!
uh, i put my dreams out to the world
’cause i know i’m ’bout to give y’all just what you need
uh, and to the fans that ain’t the girls
pay attention, ’cause a real man ’bout to speak and
first of all, flow immaculate, the dialect is accurate
never been a wiz, kid, so don’t know how i’m hackin’ it
rappers have been nappin’ since hip hop took a slap and
we just took them to the plate with the hope that it could happen
action, lights, camera, rollin’!
golden, these could be my best moments
leave my kids to get to know them
tripper keep it open ’cause my city’s really open
we are the real deal, any time, we will promote them
to jokin’, tight flows, don’t choke ’em
they tryna put me in a headlock, my brain open
remain focused, i’m as cool as can be
could i be the best you had, or you still don’t believe in what we’ve achieved?
you can call it unique
and if you give me a week, i’ll make sure you agree
this is carefully designed, boy
best respect that grind, boy
stickin’ to the music, watchin’ melodies destroy boys

[verse 2: smooth poet]
does anybody have water there?
kuna maji hapo hivo?
(crème de la crème)
alright, yo
the innovator, no imitator can imitate it
don’t get it twisted like french braids, it’s barely braided
flow with the music like orchestras, that’s orchestrated
your words weak like your b-lls castrated
who be g-ssin’ y’all?
we just cl-ss and outcl-ssin’ y’all
till we’re spinnin’ like a disco ball
slang like escobar, dope like i’m pushin’ the white
precise on mics like white on rice, yeah
bustin’ through like bullet holes, my k!ller flow
clutch shooter like kobe be on a finger roll
still roll for the figaro
still i go ham, no kanye or jigga though
hear me, bro?
your girl got my nuts all up in a tootsie roll
she love the way my d-ck lie like pinocchio
they say my flow’s ice cold like the winter snow
but still i bring the heat that makes you melt without a thaw
top notch, hot shots
254low, we certified to rock

[verse 3: babu]
crème! haha
rep the muthaland, huh, the best of the 254
listen, uh, okay
okay, i’m hip hop’s ronaldinho
still play the game but now i’m coaching like mourinho
this a freestyle with my negros, c mulla, octopizzo
never did wrestle ’cause i’m cooler than carlito
haha, and i’m still reppin’ muthaland
don’t judge but i’m a rastaman, i’m blazin’ like it’s amsterdam
so understand that, really, we’re the best here
all these other rappers need to wait until next year
yeah, it’s the original badmon
yeah, i got more clarks than kartel and popcaan
big up to the boy uneek, huh, wagwan?
wanna see me look up ’cause i’m a star, man
i do everything right, got nothing wrong
i get women, get money and make lovely songs
make the most of me, ’cause soon, i’ll be gone
i’ll end this with a “jah bless,” next man, carry on

[verse 4: uneek]
eat beats, kuku na samaki
tryna be a president, something like kibaki
haki i got this feeling like i’m sorta, like, the nicest
these other rappers spittin’ some lyrics but never like this
’cause as a youth i did rhyme instead of homework
never knew, as an adult, that it would so work
’cause now my flow out of school, smoother than some yogurt
so every other day i got a diva by the shoulder
’cause it’s swag but ninety percent sk!ll
know i’m sick ’cause you can’t pretend ill
it’s like fake tryna pretend real
while my hard workin’ rhymes couldn’t even spell “chill”
three fingers in the air, reppin’ nairobi
so you can say like the motto, “naomi”
get it? or is it over your head, like a snapback?
ahead of my time, i’m the black samurai jack
ain’t even heard one person say, “this guy whack”
it’s why ladies stick around on my flytrap
besides that, i rhyme crack
so i ain’t talkin’ apple or itunes when i say i rap