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canibus – mind free lyrics


free morpheus, i’m glorious, notorious
knowledge is infinite, i live in the fortress of friendship
poetic penmanship, the phrenology of a mentalist
free exhibition for benefit
been getting bands off 16s since 19
i was rolling on 20s in 20 with high beam
free run, jump the gun, freeze motherf+cker, i’m done
you still learning how to use your lungs
the honest free man’s respect played my mysterious death money, murder, mayhem, a mess
freedom, freedom forgive, sure feel free to confess
you are rewarded stress free recess
freedom, freak the funk, hip+hop free to say what you want? you can flop but you better not flunk
gold fronts, come here you, go to the front
you get everything for free ’cause you ain’t got no funds
10,000 feet forward flight cabin, red light beep
the flight captain say a prayer for the sheep
the secrets of free literature e+readers
we listen through the loud speakers of fema
bf champ, free range chicken soup cans
ambush, i had the fireman carry yours fans
freelance dead bodies laid across the land to feed ants
they said it was a freak accident
free money out the bank, of course they was free to say thanks
you might as well freefall off a plank
like t+roy, heavy d b+boys, this feels pre+recorded
we are exploited by freakazoid! gloria
pre+approven, free is illusion, just freaking confusion
free music, i was free to use it
don’t be foolish, productivity doesn’t mean it’s free to produce it
you figure we should go forward or remove it
fancy pants got to pay fandango in a van
b+tch, your mini van, n+gga must be in france
free roamer, free to talk to the police
focus [?] emotion
you are free to choose your associates
for technology providers. be inside the information provided by five advisors who n0body wants to find it. so for we 85+degree, nice product. tried it then flatware chief wing flaps, white phosphorus impact, get you back. 20 percent taxes are beefy firearm. you get a free bottle of windex. go in a feat, you bull reflex. n+gga i rock a freakish, you ain’t done sh+t for me yet. rock fulfill the ancient free class mascot giancana cannabis break and i see