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canibus – rtj giveaway lyrics


i’ll teach a song rising tide raises all
those so that you may have had over the
ages individual yogi’s masters
they have reached non+dualistic cosmic
consciousness that this now will be
available universally
we are driven by an aspire to survive
to mention how r
mankind’s gradual awakening they have
attempted to marginalize me to drive me
to obscurity the very seen jerk the very
same church upon whose questions i kneel
i ameritech d pop and i have not
wandered into the wilderness nor am i
defending myself against these
allegations but that should not reveal
need to be inferior the live sky in my
universe and so the infinite is made
manifest to ride this is an honor honor
and futuna green
love it tune into it was coming out you
know the friday gildersome themselves
only right that bit where were they you
know what’s what’s the store and
sometimes man you can explain it people
could write down lyrics you can read it
but it don’t mean nothing i hear that
one well okay cool will i’ll be checking
my inbox man next week malphite
something checking off the show canvas
all right there no else you doing we’re
about to put the jacket or better be
coming o walda the clothes back not
quite rocker might lead me in the
bladder you get shot tonight system
activated please identify yourself
establishing contact ready in case you
try mills you got sk!lls helped lapis
made to build an app chill dont you
gotta be broke
he was born spit boxing on the surface
of mars i just hopin for the sun god
warm stop perform listen to the song was
wrong paris but dad not mature hurry up
you you know i got [ __ ] to do i’ll rip
microphones down for my daily ritual
cloud compute looking down the track
suit so topping on olympus missable i’ll
before proof my blacks are falling apart
i need to control my boss i sit down
look at him in the top and let triumph
you soon extract how long you been
laughing right moves po boys like that
the brawler harvey hall up 10,000 for
our controllers training like a row
where your [ __ ] cannoli head the
twitter feed told me what you said the
s+x way got no bread ok what you working
for the first show wanna go smoke watch
it down the show school i do you were
you like i’m nimah stuff like right can
you spell red light i lords 10,000 b+lls
in 10 houses y’all keep trying to
destroy 10 houses king and his claws
medevac my metal plate ready for hip+hop
rap i want my [ __ ] money back
when he talks to himself he tells name
in the talking to himself doesn’t help
and his back for your help so far broke
radar crash to your stuff wrong the
aterna twenty twenty thousand boss the
bell tolls at dawn he turns the
microphone on
delivery before the stepped+up bras to
time warlord he pressed record and it’s
time just once tochar [ __ ] a little
boy you be so boss but this time its
knit down some b+lls gonna talk about
that what [ __ ] you ain’t even black
shut the f+k up rip the jacker programme
pour this close enough to hear proctor
over it now you will become my
subordinate i knew where that’s what i’m
used to keep doing you stupid you can’t
calm and see my music 10,000 b+lls
knocked up our years or more my mother
force like gears of war or aw wrong big
daddy w y’all so your home the soda
y’all saw ain’t none of y’all [ __ ]
with my tent down applause and district
nine locked up with 10,000 pr+ng set it
off 10,000 along you got 10,000 songs he
got thousands of threatening calls every
years there you are there they go
connect the boss more especially to
every dices course of course it makes
ulster lost confess it’s very important
you understand what i’m saying when i’m
talking no you too busy walking in at
your man and don’t
what i showed you this morning walking
talking stephen hawkins to awesome
wanton compton crips your dog is richard
neska razorfish professor crush k!ll
destroy russia [ __ ] with a attitude
been here content get the years you get
it unlimited nasty shammy they prayers i
sent him to the man upstairs over there
my 30 minute poet cheap it is real kick
don’t keep on trying to leave when i
talk to you don’t for it i’ll be done
when i’m done ladies try to all this
cash advance big bang bonus cool heads
coming out of cool it’s like the loaded
rocket bowling my old days when i open
[ __ ] this and [ __ ] you up without
noticing their maneuvers loudmouth cloud
computing stage rocket boosters with a
fuel pump motor galaxy up that’s the
clean fun infinite sucks aflac colette
suede shoe trunk i can hear pop choice
for my awesome alterna the future yeah
vlc on the plan of the super where the
positive negative or neutral our usual
can’t stop eating sugar mountain out you
spool to blow the whole too hot to touch
the ground under the bus got too much
not to trust truck about peace in love
but i watch you feed or blood
left eps flow 10 10 he cannot bustle not
blind me to them
buddy you came in finally kissed off but
if they’re just like us over here
five of the same
my house