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canibus – the future lyrics


[hook: canibus] x2
i wanna see humankind rise, i wanna see it wit’ my own eyes
i wanna see racism stop, i want aliens to listen to hiphop

[verse1: canibus]
who the f-ck (ordered a (double shot) dose of slaughter)
chariots (in the skylines) source is (beneath the water)
the speed of sound speed it up slow it down
yo mamma call me cappa donna obama complex bambaataa
i’ma leave you in a nasareema coma (wit a joker)
guillotine (cause optics) sons of b-tches
(savage) onyx black soldiers
scanned fifty one (and complex) the name chosen
(falcon and a snowman)
designed to customize (to rip the program)
we go ham, peace bro ham (stubborn old man)
lock and load wit’ both hands
slick shots ’til my gun go (blam! blam! blam!)
you got soulless jam
we can overthrow any planet control man
authorized (to leave the universal mind) tonguetied
the real surprise waits on the other side of the rhymes)
uncontrived and alive (rip the robot) is now online
{he is one of a kind ’til the end of time}

[hook: canibus] x2

[verse2: canibus]
scanned 51 (trainin’ in the misty rain)
keep your neurotransmitters warm on a cold day
nutrition for the whole brain
for some entertainment (or so they say)
x ray vision (true beluga whale) brain
lyric for lyric, layer for layer, prayer for prayer
my purification process is created
(in a cloud chamber) guilty smiling inspiration
for every living derivative of human nature
dissertation written (wit’ lasers)
scanned 51 command a complex h-ll wrapped around your necks
doing weight room sex
(chinese chess) i spit a mix at ’em like
the marauds of night
i only say it once (let there be light!)
i’ll attack you twice (rebels that fight corporate devils)
prepare my river sacrifice for (my ritual rights)
the melanin knight battles at night on satellite
life is light, tell me yo’ how can i not be nice? s*anned 50

[hook: canibus] x2

scanned 50 get busy in the booth (f-ck you!)
two 2-man crews we ride modified c2’s
the psycho psychic hypersensitive sea food
says the veils too thick for human beings to see through
speakin’off crystal i (x-game) snowball lip you
read your thoughts like an nsa paralegal
he has the keys to (technology) own self
(has ever figures) frozen in a cryofreezer (deeply illegal)
**anned 51 minute remaining complex (invading)
swift signature message mixes, f-ck you – pay them!
to overqualified to favour, no complaining only training
tell me whats the point (in waiting)
’til there is no escaping?!
rap music you love it, they save it
admit it you kept the ‘rilla hip hop favourite
i crawled out of a meteorite crater
tour black castles [over fifty acres]
pacing back and forth (like i’m batshit crazy)
vlad the impaler!!

[hook: canibus] x2