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cape cove – composure lyrics


is it normal
to feel this way about things?
addicted to caffeine and cigarettes
and smoking weed til i fall asleep
whatever to k!ll me slowly
because n0body really knows me
and i’ve been waking up at sunset
confused and alone in my bedroom floor
in the same clothes from the night before
that i wore to your house
i live my life like i’m ready to die
and i’m so scared
oh i’m so scared
but i’d k!ll myself right now
just to see if you’d care
if you’d care
do you think that i’m worthy of you?
of you
the ashes in your perfect nails
and jet black lungs, long blonde hair
oh you’re so lovеly
and i’m so lonely
and i swear to god
id do my best
to bе who you want me to be
and i’ll try to keep composure
endearing and hopeful
because you’re all i need
you’re all i need
you’re all i need
i’m not everything you dreamed of
but you’re everything i need
you’re all i need
you’re all i need