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capital steez – freestyle r.i.p lyrics


[freestyle: capital st–z]
i said, “whats the definition of real?”
i told ’em listen ‘en chill
i ain’t even got to mention this sk!ll, because, st–z been ahead since he popped out the mamma’s womb, and had it locked since they put me in my papa’s tomb
i was three years old, so i really don’t remember the day but i remember his face and every night i still remember to pray, and remember the little mistakes that made me spit it this way
it’s like taliban, when i’m droppin’ bombs, goin’ line for line spittin’ this sh-t faster than ramadan
when my pen sails, set sail
any beat they put on, is gettin’ smoked like big l
we up on the rise like a cages
cooley had n-gg- with the eyes of a asian
blazin’, trapped in a mind full a hatred
pops was a rasta, and mom was a pagan
my man had to get up out of this place, now he limpin’ in pa, dog i’m happy your safe but… round here n-gg-s die every day. i wouldn’t lie to your face, come and light up a j man!
said i got that whole town to hold down
what we get on; i blow down a whole pound, i know you see me shuttin’ shows down
and we pickin’ up hoes now. it’s goin’ down

-let ’em know who you be pimpin’
it’s capital st–z man
ak-47, say no more
-that’s what it is, john-john tv in the building?
i guess so, i mean, shoutout to the homie john-john we just did this show opening up for mac miller
it’s crazy, my biggest performance yet
-that’s real
it’s world domination