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capo (gbe) – whoa lyrics


[intro: chief keef]
whoooaaa (10x)

[hook: chief keef]
whoooaaa (9x)

[verse 1: capo]
that b-tch seen my bankroll, she was like whoooaaa
i know she wanna glo up baby, i ain’t talking bout yo clooothes
girl get the f-ck out my face if you ain’t tryna gooo
can’t beef with a broke n-gg-, i’m about my bankrooolls
first time she seen me like whoooaaa
and when a opp see me, i’ma up that fifty like whoooaaa
run up on me, get back like whoa
and it’s too many of y’all bout two of y’all gettin’ poled
getting poled like whoa
and all that money and them clothes and them guns, nah that sh-t ain’t yours
got the glock 17 that blow
it’ll blow like whoooaaa
thots wearing they best friend prada, girl know them not yooouuurs
looking at y’all like whoooaaa
and we did want 20, now we want 55 for a show
pull up on us like whoa
and if you ain’t got our money, we ain’t showing up to no shows
whoooaaa (2x)


[verse 2: tadoe]
that b-tch hit my dope, that b-tch choke
i told that b-tch don’t f-ck, i want throat
but b-tch after this top, you gotta go
i just blew some racks at the store
can’t shop at jb’s, not no more
just spent 50 hundred on this blow
trapping all summer til it snow
all white forgis on the floor
all white mansion look like c-ke
just got a 100 bricks, fresh off the boat
they gone super quick, connect like whoa
and these f-ck n-gg-s know i tote
i do a drill while she roll my smoke
this kickback from this nickel, i’m like whoa
i send some shots, i almost hit his throat
that f-ck n-gg- lucky i was off this 4
i come back in the morning, won’t miss no more
she seen me in the store, spending rolls
she know i sell c-ke just by my clothes
i’m smoking thoink, this sh-t got me like…