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capp – pockets lyrics


[produced by noc]

[verse 1: capp]
first off, noc k!lled the beat
i had to take a breather ‘fore i wrote to it
comatosin’, i’m an open ocean with a flow in motion, you could go through it
no, susan, i ain’t trying to ghostwrite for your son, i won’t do it
my advice is to go stupid because sooner or later, this is old music
and they all don’t like what they all done heard
f-ck what you thinkin’, we already with it
top of the morning, i’m slayin’ opinions
y’all talk and you talk and you talk but we did it
fiend for these digits, and i stay driven
to check on the family and check on my health
frozen, diagnosed, i got a cold, i guess i know myself
keep your distance, yeah, i piqued your interest
it’ll be a minute ‘fore you understand
that this sh-t is art and this sh-t is ours
i’ll turn a thousand plays into a hundred grand
then a hundred grand into a plan in motion
hold a life’s savings in a couple bands
no label needed, if they love the brand
then you can reach a million with a couple hands
and would you look at that: i got both
transportation straight aviation
white to black, i’m amazing racin’
every day complacent is a day i’m wastin’
started as nothing but i got ’em bumping to something
they telling me what to make of it
i’m not gonna front on the budget, it wasn’t that much
it’s just love and it ain’t just my cousins

[breakdown: capp]
i’m bringing that wave right back to ’em
black matter-of-the-facts don’t matter to ’em
matter fact, that’s a bad way to tack it to ’em
go ahead and ask: what’s a stomp and a clap to ’em?
forget about a rating, so anomaly
i’m in the cut and whipping up a thunderstorm inside of me
and laughin’ all the way cause i don’t do this sh-t for anybody
other than a critic when they go:

[woah: mdg]

[verse 2: capp]
gold, motherf-cker, that’s the medal
explode, i ain’t never gonna settle
you know when you rolling with the devils
keep a hold of your soul when you rolling with the devils
it’s that freedom fighter with a million lighters and a fro pick in my pillowcase
they admit that they was sleepin’ on him but they never tired of my pretty face
but in bigger news, it’s capp szn
let ’em say they’re day 1 like you met me then
but if you’d met me then, you’d know i kept it real
we done crossed the borders, i can’t let you in
unless you let yourself or you get some help
don’t be so sensitive, collective president
collective precedents being set, i guess the message never sent to y’all irrelevants
or these f-ckboys that think the game’s a game
think i came to play and think i ain’t to stay
like my brain waves ain’t razor blades
that’s why you view ya boy with such great disdain, ay
keep it locked, dog, over watched, dog
never front like i ain’t made mistakes
cause something had to go and pave the way
for the number one of this day and age

[outro: capp]
tryna step to me and noc and i told you:
it’s done from the start
trying to count what’s in my pockets and i told you:
it’s done from the start, ugh
why they trying to count what’s in my pockets
knowing it’s done from the start?
and everyone thinking they got it
don’t bother, the summer is ours