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captain beefheart & his magic band – hobo-ism lyrics


not [?], not dissonance
not [?], not dissonance
well it’s not [?], not [?]
not [?], not dissonance
pure and simple: railroad-ism

stop! stoop!
grab on, hold the woodwork
gotta [?]
[?] way up front
it’s free

poke the thing next to me
gimme a drink
well i fell asleep
[?] bleeding
i haven’t been eating

well it’s
not [?], not dissonance
not dissonance, not [?]
oh, it’s hobo-ism

just throw your leg over, madam
grab this lever
then i rode and i rode and i rode and i rode
rode that train
[?] with me
[?] engineers [?]
[?] with the moon
well the rails are meltin’
don’t know where i’m going
but it’s totally free
throw your leg over, baby
right to the rail
right to the rail
where we’re going now
there ain’t no jail

well it’s not [?] and it’s not dissonance
not [?] and it’s not dissonance
it’s hobo-ism

well this [?]
[?] deep
gonna go and make my
railroad creep
well they [?] ladders [?]
that’s why [?]
don’t call me a styled thing
well the [?] is bleeding
from the other night
all those beans taste like snakes to me
if i had a pocket then
wouldn’t you think i’d have a pocket knife?
well i left it in my
long-time wife
that’s why i’m
riding the rail all day and night
i know it [?]
but i don’t know the night
well i told the world
to go fly a kite
grab a short smoke
smokin laid open
grabbed the wood work