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captain fire bird – chocolate anthem lyrics


[verse one]
every day, every night for breakfast lunch and dinner
if there was a contest, i’ll be the winner
you can say i’m in love with the cocoa
let’s just hope i don’t spill any on my polo
i can scream it like in that one spongebob episode
because without it, i’m going to explode (boom)
we go from the chocolate rain
to the purple reign
now we repeat history
for the greater mystery

[verse two]
but the thing is that
people act a tw-t
when i turn up
then square up
but everyones knows that chocolate is life
so don’t even tough mine, because i have a knife
and unlike drake i’m not making a vanilla anthem
so deal with the chocolate anthem
i will probably get a million dollars
and spent all of it on chocolate
so if you mess with me
just know that
you’re getting nothing from me
so repeat after me

[ verse 3]
chocolate is life
chocolate brings joy
if you don’t like chocolate
proceeded to leave
the premises right now