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captain the band – wbs freestyle lyrics


[verse 1: captain]
wbs we stay f-cking bold
windows up
dog we stay f-cking cold
germaine got the silver
captain got the gold
an anthony got the 11 yr old
sliding all up in ya dms, like i’m a f-cking violin
you say you not a ho, but my nut sack all up on ya chin
my d-ck tall enough, to touch the f-cking rim
hit a b-tch in a church, that’s a f-cking sin
you know my c-ck was smacking on ya dome
like the pentagon yeah my d-ck was blown
leave you in the middle of the night alone
with no ride home
and be missing all around like gigis iphone
(wait bro wasn’t that her house phone?)
i don’t know man
n0body f-cking knows
im not a gardener but i gotta lot of hoes
you b-tches gotta watch out when i roll up
leave you with slit wrists like nikola
i don’t care what you using, i’ll fight any b-tch so who you choosing
leaver her crying and bruising
on the floor dead like whitney houston
wbs n-gga we ain’t f-cking losing

[verse 2: maine]
we try to let rahul rap
but he ain’t a spittah
wbs we all some women hitters
i got fired, shorif got suspended
bryan tried to act hard, but that was all pretended
shorif, where the snacks?
they took my job, i can’t get it back
n-ggas act hard, keyword act
bouta catch a case, cause i murdered the track
shout-out to smiley, he’s with us wherever we go
shout-out to delgado & all his alter egos
good music, dim lights, a lot of -ss shacking
your party ain’t sh-t unless there’s a window breaking
it’s wbs mother f-cker
you know we don’t play around
n-ggas talk sh-t on twitter but in person they don’t make a sound
they not about that life, me & my crew we bring the noise
we rough, ragged gangsters, f-ck a f-ggot pretty boy

[verse 3: captain & maine]
f-ck a f-ggot pretty boy
i ain’t here to make no f-cking friend
rip jesus off ya jesus piece, crucify him again
talk sh-t, get ya eye swoll
it’s maine junior, already know
and after jesus resurrected, i hit his -ss with an rko
rko? yeah rko
strait to ya -ss
b-ss so loud it break open sp-ce
break open sp-ce? break open sp-ce like a window!
ayo, zeti where you at tho!?
sh-t man i don’t even know
probably some where in san fransisco
n-ggas see us & they run faster than fransisco
cause i gotta pistol
and i gotta switch blade that’ll switch blades
ricksha off the hit stage
eradicating up ya rib cage
wondering when imma stop? not when the beat stops!
when my heart beat stops
so all you d-ck riding hoes that only wanted me as a friend
don’t bother hitting me up when this song drops!