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carlisle jones – 1993 lyrics


verse 1:
the money stackin, while these people keep askin
what happened to the family problems you were havin
and i’m like don’t worry that’s another story
for another alb-m, i got a thousand
for now find a b-tch i can drown in
she can work it
but i’m too forward when she reverse it
and every verse a he-rs-
get the pink then flee with the diamonds
leave you at standoff, stop lying
you unleashed the lion, even daniel’s frightened
blame him, clay hooligan at it again
let’s begin, 93′ birth with more than sin
treat the lyrics as a twin, can’t separate them
even my past shit they were sleepin on him
it’s okay, you wake up the same like billy murray
how can i see my shadows when i’m in a hurry
don’t worry, money never got me hungry
feasting on the idea that people gonna know me
cookin with the sauce boy, steph curry

i’ve been stuntin since 93, ninety-three, you ain’t iller than me

verse 2:
i’ve been stuntin since 93
go and take a look at me
lcy on the climb, man we’re at our peak
even in ralph i’m gonna wreck it
done with games i’m where the check is
iittle rough around the edges
protractor, young and savage doin damage
my crew i fattened, lcy quick nappin
we the madmen, goin jon hamm on theses raps man
less mortal every track, momma gonna sayin amen
deal in with death like bully and mandy
and exes like tammy
earth about to open from the steps that i’m taking are you ready
tell everyone it’s trouble your makin
can’t follow the script this a private taping
this is how they see it, asking why when they forgot the deit
untouchable in every season
pusha t it, 205 never leave it
light of 93, birth of a beacon no one sees what i’m see in

i’ve been stuntin since 93, ninety-three, you ain’t iller than me