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carlisle jones – are you ready? lyrics


verse 1:
i got the prenup before the wedding
check the beddin got the count up, m-th-f-cka i made it
get the kids out the pool, i got cartoons to watch
diamonds on my mind like a sim or for a new watch
i might get ellen page f-ckin pregnant again
i got jesus puttin new carpets in
b-tch i’m here to win
take it from me, i’m glad my parents never had another f-ckin kid
man this that shit but i stay number 1
you wanna step to me you better run
this shit ain’t overdone but i keep it raw
ain’t monday but it’s friday from now and on
the empty nester, blowin money on these hoes
feelin regret, if i don’t bring her home
b-tches want my d-ck in 240p
askin if it was really me
most people don’t represent their name
just a golduck in the game
why would i f-ckin do this for fame?
why should i beat that pussy out the frame?
asking (are you ready)
been looking back at my city like some angels came
man i brought the flames, 23 b-tches want me out my hanes
god d-mn it’s insane
googleplex in my checks
cookin up so much dope my producer called the feds (get em)
hidin loot underneath the bed
mr krabs with that shit
carlisle but you can call me dragon
changing factions man you makin fractions
askin what happen, how did tim get so good at rappin
probably cuz i want this more than you could imagine
i’m not braggin, but trust me i’m the illest
lcy f-ckin captain, man we sailing and lounging b-tch

verse 2:
it’s the young magnificent
pray to god that it fits in a b-tch
i hope you ready for this
sculpted from clay, back in the day
only felt gifted on my birthday
but hey, no one saw this comin
stepped away from my neighbors
cuz they kept havin run ins
with the law, oh my god, now money is nothin
now i’m huntin, for a reason to budget
go and pick a subject, bet i k!ll every song your man has ever touched b-tch
it’s a great time, to be alive
in my near future having people view my city rise
like columbia, you see the propaganda
that you hope this yellowhammer, will never nail ya
let me tell ya, lcy we the illest
you can get the digits cuz the reaper about to bill us
all hail, open the till
here’s your change, now kneel
people feel that my old shit is how i f-ckin sound still
but listen to culdesac then because the internet
so from now on my shit is straight net
god he hit the net and now he’s a threat
to the income of these people claiming they the best
and i don’t care if the shine ain’t on me yet
but take a step cause more than 3 is straight death
i’m positive this is how i wanna live
so are you ready for the empire to build, lcy

wanna go with me, are you ready?
shout out to youth one time, are you ready?
once we finally land in your city, are you ready?
we gonna take our time, make sure you’re fine, are you ready?
let it play out