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carlisle jones – civic lyrics


i need a quarter fill and a cuban sandwich

verse 1:
i say grace before i eat a b-tch out
grains of salt in my shoes cuz i’m bigger now
off the hook like a big fish
my dad ain’t dead but i’m relivin his myth
k!ll the pussy 9 times then i leave that b-tch
12 courses not allowing this designer to fit
getting head in mayalasia
20 years later out again for the f-ckin paper
carlisle in the civic
in your b-tches basket like a picnic
man this shit you can’t mimic
blowin sudowoodo till i feel golden b-tch
man, this shit ain’t hit or miss (f-ck with me)
always had the 4 door without the v6
parents got me as a graduation gift
18k on the whip not on the wrist
out here looking selfish
carlisle too sick
hit 88 and bring back your mom and make you b-tch
it’s the young buster blader
keep your dragons in a cage ah
or you’re blue eyed beauty i will take her
make you flip to defense mode
the clay hooligan at it again yo
p-ssing up to me is disrespect hoe
civic till i die more b-tches with the f-ckin floor doors

cruising in the civic real slow, real slow, real slow
but it’s good on gas though

verse 2:
i’m a novelty to a b-tch
f-ck rich, half a decade wantin one b-tch
car won’t do it, nor money or fame
but when he bout to put on that rang i’ll bubble boy in that b-tch
never cared to be a baller
maybe if i was taller
shaq can’t drive what i swerve
i want sza to choke if i hit the curb
get the seed like persephone oh man that’s my word
man, a milly on 4 wheels its a waste
got the perfect thing make her not feel her legs in the back like she’s uma thurman
i’m so determined that a woman will ride with me
h stands for hoes b-mpin lil b (thank you basedgod)

all hail