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carlisle jones – marlon brando lyrics


verse 1:
i’m feelin golden boy, you f-ckin phony boy
find where you stay and burn it down like your pony boy
steady tom cruisin, behind your b-tch just groovin
grab the vase break it cross your face
money in my name like mase or banks
ready to fight in every scene
they can’t work with the kid cuz he murders his shit
make a flick beat kane for top of the list
name the whip desire, i get your b-tch and sayonara
don’t sweat till i’m in the sauna
don’t bring no drama, the wild one a problem
ask anyone and i bet they say i’m an honor
f-ck the roll, i ain’t sayin i’m here
get a double for attendance then i disappear
you in debt if this ain’t verse of the year
can’t refuse cj gotta make it clear

verse 2:
now you’re all in fear, run in peril
get de niro then we gonna score
do it for my family and nothing more
at a constant war, trying to gain power
she says i’m a stallion in the bed for an hour
people tryna sell me shit i don’t want
take your body to the waterfront cement to joints
get the point, causin an apocalypse now
skip town, before i sick the hounds
smoke a pound, then i’m out
man the realest on the rise
i don’t have a guide, but every line i write
is a journey from my life
never cool, like its 2012 again
my band broke up so i had to start rap again
the young blazer, from birmingham
god d-mn, watch the throne he’s going ham
once i’m in, round table with lawn chairs fam
man you’re drainin my mana better drink up
when hit my point you know who i think of
people on my bars like a playground
i can’t playin around he’s to profound
you lonely on this island, say hi to the ground
you number 2 that’s why the lead is in you
finish this now so my presence doesnt haunt you

hot headed like i’m marlon brando, might punch you in the face ho
this some fifth element shit