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carmen martin – life story mix lyrics


aye its pretty c and a lot of you n-ggas don’t know my story so her it go i go by carmen martin i’m a sagatirous fire nation december baby i done grow up on that east side almost all my life i done had good and bad times in my life but i done made it first grade i was abused it was a lot going on with these hrs people in and out the house daddy done got out everybody happy but at moments if feel like he still looked up in that jail house he almost never around and its hard keep telling me you want better for me but just keep doing the same things that you do and its hard still going thought it but i would not have made it without my grandma gale she was my world but she gone now aye thought having that hard life was gone stop me me seating in my room crying everyday selling drugs yet n-gga you thought nothing gone stop me i just sit in my room and put all them feeling in to my music and fashion aye nothing gone stop me this is pretty c and now you know my story i’m taking the world by storm