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carmen martin – lifes hard lyrics


life is a crazy thing all these struggles going on something new happening everyday so put your hands up if you got -ss life daddy a f-ck n-gg- in and out of jail dope diller don’t give a f-ck about no one but his self hard enough in the street people getting killed over stupid -ss sh-t everyday people fought we just embarr-ssing them acting like a dam fool trying to keep our heads up high and be bigger people but these n-gg-s get and i be like b-mp that then go lash out on all you n-gg-s trying to change but these n-gg-s get and i get the mind of a manic it hard to keep that stuff in but when it cone it no telling when it will stop so i try to keep all of this stuff long as i can but i just don’t know what to do and lash out all these n-gg-s and don’t care who around because because i’m not going to be tried but i think back to life and its hard but i think back to the moments i acted like a fool and i fell ashamed because life is hard go n-gg-s that are doing worse then me and i’m acting like a fool and feel blessed to be me me and love my life cause life is hard