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carolyn ellison – don’t cry (for me) lyrics


[verse 1]
don’t cry for me
i’ll be okay
heaven is my home now
this is where i’ll stay
it’s where i belong
i want you to stay happy
and try to stay strong
don’t cry for me
it was my time
but i will see you
on the other side
baby don’t cry for me
i’m not alone
there are angels with me
to just welcome me home
don’t cry for me
i have no fear
all my pain is gone
cause you took my tears (away)
babe, don’t cry for me
this is not the end (no)
i’ll be waiting for you
whenever we meet again

[verse 2]
don’t cry cause i’m gone
smile because i carry on
you’ll always be able to find me
in all the little things that you see
you will be remembered of many things
that could always make my heart sing
maybe a certain song we shared
maybe a place where you and i were there
i’m not in pain anymore and i can walk
when you see me again, we’ll have a talk
because where i am, i am whole
shining like a beautiful soul
remember my laughter, remember my smile
remember my love and care freestyle
remember my love for the living
please remember my heart that was giving
remember my strength and carry it with you
remember i’ll always be right next to you
in your heart and in your mind
i’ll be there for you to find, me
remember my fire to pull you through
no matter what life tries to do
remember the shine in my eyes
remember me, me, but please don’t, don’t cry

[outro] 2x
please don’t cry
please don’t cry for me
(don’t cry for me, me)
(don’t cry for me, me)
(don’t cry for me, me)
ohh, don’t cry for me
baby please, don’t cry for me