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cartel mgm – outta my way lyrics


broke b-tch out my way
f-ck out my way..
all these snakes in my way
the f-ck out my way, uuhhh

[hook: cartel mgm]
broke b-tch outta my way
broke b-tch outta my way
extendo pointed at your face
36 bell is where i stay
broke b-tch outta my way
you fakes stay outta my way
keep snakes outta my way
police outta my way

[verse 1: king lil g]
outta my way, outta my f-cken way
out of l.a. with a k, f-ck with a king
g got the blunt & the drink
i told you before i ain’t playin’
i told you i’ll slay em
i f-ck em at 3 in the a.m
f-ck with a b-tch in the bay
when i get that weed, i smoke it up
no snitches with me, no foldin’ up
if you rep your shit, then throw it up
2 ounces with me, 2 double cups
my boy cartel we be coming thru
got alot of haters, i don’t f-ck with you
got some burners with me, you should try it too
extendo clips, if that’s fine with you
mgm all day in atlanta posted with a blue bandanna
dreams of me driving a phantom
on my way up, please don’t panic
f-ck my enemies, its automatic
and i’m more respected, like the mexican flag

[hook: cartel mgm]

[verse 2: cartel mgm]
pull up to the trap house with a fitted pack
flip that yay, i’ma make them stacks
came from the slums, i don’t know how to act
pistol in my lap while i cook that crack
had a broke b-tch, i don’t ever want her back
lazy -ss b-tch better bring the money back
you got them blocks, let me see where they at
half a million dollars in a louis v bag
paisa front me, i’m a bring the money back
if el chapo put em on his back
all black bentley, bring the flap back
smoking og, p-ssing back to back
f-cking these hoes, they alley rats
i been trying to go where the money at
in the trap with them bells, where you find me at
all new coupe, i’m buying that
all white birds, i’m flipping that
r&b b-tch i’m f-cking that
dont do the checks for the commas
keep extended clips for the drama

[hook: cartel mgm]