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case – shoulda known better lyrics


verse 1:
been around the world ladies come and go
but still i told myself that you weren’t one of those

that’s what i get for being alive
i’m not upset or headed goodbye

tried to love you tried to please you
never made a difference i see
you shoulda known better
i feel so dumb
made you the one
never made a difference i see
you shoulda known better

verse 2:
such a perfect love
or so i thought it was
but you were loving you
girl instead of loving us


girl you really don’t believe how much i love you
and you really don’t believe hoe much i care
so i guess i made a fool out of myself
but believe me
it won’t happen again

you’re part of me son don’t let me jump in case
and do the sh-t i don’t know what you’re talkin bout dog
stopped this young thing from eating pork
now she on the phone hollerin f-ck you and child support
talkin that i ain’t got no cream
and the kids don’t get it cause soon as she get she gone spend it
and that’s what get just for loving her more
got me feelin like a stranger when i walk in the door
looking at me like its my fault
with devious thoughts in the back of her wishing the kid fall off
and get laid off, or get sprayed off and lose my face
but i refuse like a plane i’ma take off
and lose my career now that i’m alone i think without fear