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casey frazier – beautiful distraction lyrics


you got holes in your soles
from running through my mind
and your bittersweet misery
you’ve got me flying oh, so high
like i’m riding
on a magic carpet ride
and you’re with me
even in my wildest dreams

and i got you
tattooed on my soul
an addiction that i can’t control
you’re slipping up on me
like novocain
and something i’ve never known
like nothing i’ve ever felt before
an object of my attraction
you’re a beautiful distraction

like a needle needs a vein
like a candle burns a flame
you’re a rolling stone
that keeps me singing free
like a habit i just can’t break
like a junkie has got the shakes
i’m a-down on my knees
just begging for no mercy

[chorus x2]

you’re beautiful [x4]
you’re a beautiful distraction
beautiful [x4]