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casey james – arc lyrics


don’t mean to flex but my neck is clean
i am a king i’ve got your queen
i am a k!ller you’ll see what i mean
i am a k!ller this my murder scene
i’m stacking up bags like i’m playing jenga
i’m getting those racks and i’m gonna spend them
i was in rags and now it’s like heaven
yeah i’ve had a pad since i was like seven
always been bad but i don’t like pushing
it’s actually sad that you’re being cushioned
there’s words to be had but i’m not ambushing
there’s not much to add just that you’ve been rushing
take away my music and what have you got
someone that is no one that’s someone i’m not
this stuff in my brain it’s like i’m a bot
you think i’m in pain you’re off by a lot
i know it seems crazy for such a nice kid to get in a booth
well i’m sorry to break it to you but that’s just what i’m about to do
i don’t need sympathy you can do what you choose
i’ve got all this pressure on me and i’m about to cut it loose
playing with fire cooking up bars
i’m ten steps ahead you’re still at the start
do not pass go before it’s too dark
don’t care about 200 just give me my arc
about to go viral like i’m tony stark
n0body one day now i’m leaving my mark
blood in the water and i’m the shark
i’ve been ignited i’m about to spark



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