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casey james – love the way you miss me lyrics


love the way you miss me

girl the way you’re talkin’ now
and everything we’re talkin’ about
ain’t no way, no how
i can put this phone down
even though we’re miles apart
i can feel you touchin’ my heart
lyin’ here in the dark
wishin’ i was where you are

baby, you’re driving me crazy
girl if i could, you know i would
be right there right now
baby, you’re making me lose my mind
and i’m counting down the days ‘til i get home
i love the way you miss me when i’m gone


you know what i want to hear
girl you’re comin’ in loud and clear
like sweet music to my ears
what i’d do if you were here


girl i hate these nights
when i can’t hold you tight
because i know by your side
is right where i belong