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casey veggies – encore lyrics


i don’t think they ready man
(customized greatly)
we gon’ do it like this

[verse 1: casey veggies]
i’m tired of fake teachers cause life is real
ask some n-gg-s how many mics i k!ll
the [?] the feel
customized greatly man i like the meals
stayed in now, i’ma become more
didn’t do hooks but i needed the encore
i’m about my cheese [?]
sean handed me the bars of professional cl-ss
fell asleep in cl-ss and lectures p-ss
but it was a bunch of shit i already knew
heard another rap song, now i’m ahead of you
i’ve been custom, you n-gg-s so basic
so i had to [?] just to chase it
casey veggies put a little hot sauce on it for y’all to taste it
don’t you crave it? yeah you might get it for free
sean told me i was vitamin c
young n-gg- flow man, he’s about to [?]
i don’t know how to act, i’m too real
it’s me, i don’t care how you feel
and the legacy has just begun
krs, i’m number one
i’m god’s son, it’s just some fun
k!ll y’all n-gg-s on this lyrical shit
[?] we got miracle chicks, yeah

[interlude: jsean]
this n-gg- coulda gave me some kind of introduction or something
do i even got to say my name anymore?
well, i would like to present to some and introduce to others
that n-gg- that’s bad than a mother

[verse 2: jsean]
can i get an encore if you don’t want more
i’ma spit this raw til you get each bar
i don’t care less if you guys don’t feel me
i’ma keep spitting til you get some feeling
now motherf-ckers put your hands to the ceiling
to the ceiling, to the ceiling
i came, i saw, i conquered
[?] at the sold out concert
even though my songs skip a beat, jsean didn’t skip a beat
i need no beat, that’s all [?]
i was just sick til heal me
f-cking with that white b-tch, tried to [?] me
spitting all this, y’all still don’t feel me
why? cause i’m not pac? i am hip-hop
and i am not dead, i am 2pac
(they not gon’ catch that, i got to dumb it down)
they said pac was alive, he was living in cuba
i’m just comparing hip-hop to that rumor
if you ain’t alive, you can’t have no future
but i see my future, it’s looking kind of bright
at night time with the lights off
it’s so bright that you could leave the lights off
every rapper want a chain and shine
but i something different in mind
every rapper want a chain and shine
but i got something different in mind
(what the h-ll are you waiting for?)
after casey’s verse, it was me, me, me
(what the h-ll are you waiting for?)
but after me, there will be no more, more, more
what the h-ll are you waiting for?