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casey veggies – flyin high lyrics



[intro: casey veggies]

[verse 1: casey veggies]
my sneakers for 385 dreams
got me plotting on ways for making my cream
i see through a n-gg- when he faking for the screens
i’m realer than a pimp bout his [?]
they call me young veggies and i’m all about the green
where the money at
these funny cats be talking about how they count stacks
but they be on the same shit, you don’t speak my language
in my city i’m famous n-gg-s know what the name is
say it for me, i don’t pull a girl
i put her on my team, she playing for me
and hit the jumper
i will take your girl then get her number
then ask her [?] because i really want her
man i’m on, one one or maybe two though
every time i hit the spaceship, i be up on pluto
yeah, looking and learn something new yo
i’m flying real high, i’m feeling [?]
yeah, i’m flying high

fly high
yeah, yeah, i fly high
flying high

[verse 2: casey veggies]
freshest n-gg-s out there, or out here
i don’t fear no man in my city
you feel me my n-gg- that’s where i live at
i been here [?] one of the young and freshest in here
i’m on the beach with my swimwear
my girl just chilling, she don’t care about much
i touch her and kiss her just to show them girls i’m with her
the same girls be texting me like “casey, are you with her?”
i’m like just stay up in your place
baby [?] in your face ain’t what it’s cracked up to be
but i know you love cv you know i can’t do much
i just do me, yeah do me and spit that new stuff
there’s n-gg-s in my hood on that blue, that’s all they see that [?]
who us? [?] it up
you ain’t see my face that much
cause i’m bout that paper son, so i’m on the low
just grinding, just tryna make this one
i call this shit flying high


[interlude: casey veggies]
are you flying?
are you flying?

[verse 3: casey veggies]
the freshest in the world, i swear
why you n-gg-s hating man, there’s girls in here
i guess because when i walk in and all them girls stare
and them girls shouting out “the champion’s here” yeah
the girls you want, i been had ’em
[?] chick i pick ’em up and then i bag ’em
ask ’em “who is that? yeah, yeah, who is that?”
[?] i spit them stupid raps
riding down the [?] with the roof topped back
man top that, n-gg-s that be fronting [?]
i ain’t in the function man i ain’t with that
with the homies and we counting them stacks
shaded up with my girl on my lap
sometime a girl don’t even act like she need to
it’s a well known but i ain’t tripping though, we all know that
people gon’ do what they wanna do
wanna do, wanna do, wanna do

[verse: brandun deshay]
my boy casey told me do a verse about making it
but i don’t know much that, i’m used to taking it
cause n-gg-s never gave me shit, not even a chance
freshman year homecoming, girls ain’t give me a dance
but i ain’t giving a d-mn, see i can be selfish too
i learn from the best, now give it a rest
i hear y’all talking about your hopes and your dreams, how much it means
my n-gg- this ain’t a game, ain’t no shooting for teams
i eat, sleep, and breathe this
it might as well be oxygen cause i need this
but all this stressing and bullshit i don’t need this
more than a plane ticket to leave this
but [?] told me to somehow, someway
we gon’ make it up out the hood someday
for me the road to success is more like a one way
but i’ma make a ferrari out this hyundai, i promise
brandun deshay